Our Transparency Charter

SEHA Transparency Charter

Transparency is integral to our operations at SEHA. We are committed to enabling sharing of information which will guide collaborative decision making by harnessing data to transform the performance of the healthcare sector.

Adherence to the Emirate Of Abu Dhabi’s government regulations


Provide adequate information in a timely manner and through the proper channels.

Ensure the availability of relevant information to all patients and avoid selective sharing among customers. Share data from public health indicators and the performance of the hospitals and health care centers managed by SEHA.

Provide data and valid financial reports in accordance with the legal requirements of the concerned entities.



Meet government requirements and provide statistical data to the concerned entities.

Identify and focus on the strengths to raise the level.

Indicate the areas of wastage and improve the operational process.

Support decisions and provide options


Provide useful and specialized data.

Ensure values of cooperation, collaboration of efforts and clarity of results in order to take administrative decisions.

Provide the available options and the required data for decision making.



Enable decision making to enhance services provided to patients, and health care facilities

Attract international patients for services SEHA hospitals are accredited for. Focus on delivering excellence across Specialties and provide patients with the right to have options of preferred health care provider.


Promote highest quality standards & improve productivity of employees & hospitals


Provide benchmarked data to the various hospitals’ services.

Create specialized programs to improve/ increase the hospitals’ performance.

Provide performance data to across clinical and non-clinical services.

Define operational best-practices.

Enhance healthcare standards and performance indicators of services to be linked to the company’s strategy and data outcomes.

Improve the quality of provided clinical data.



Compare the actual results against SEHA strategic directions and observe the outcomes.

Support competitiveness, reduce cost, and focus on overall performance.

Encourage improvement in the performance employees and the facilities.

Innovate and trial new practices to effectively through utilize financial resources or procedures, plus demonstrate the analysis of the financial and operational wastage areas.


Accountability & responsibility


Set out procedures that will create shared responsibility for individuals towards their duties.

Establish benchmarks for different rates, questionnaire methods, and performance indicators.

Enhance self-accountability and credibility.



Focus on achieving the organization’s strategic objectives.

Support administrative of accountability.

Enhance trust between customers and promote loyalty.

Sustainability and economic growth


Make information available to and lay the foundations for future investments and research.

Take decision based on productivity data.

Analyze the current situation and define future requirements.



Encourage and sustain success through:


Provide opportunities for various aspects of international investments in the healthcare sector.

Develop industry-standard researche programs to be executed locally.

Take into consideration that SEHA follows best-practice in terms of the services, usage of tools and equipment, and clinical practices, ensuring the quality of results.


Community participation


(In case interactive channels between the patients and the provided services are available).


Establish electronic programs or communication channels.

Make Information available to all customers in order to achieve the equality concept.

Encourage cooperation externally with different sectors or internally among the Departments and Divisions.



Allow interaction between the patients and the hospitals in their treatment process.

Community participation in their treatment to strengthen the relations and boost the credibility and trust in the provided services.

Comply with Abu Dhabi and UAE Government directions and encourage cooperation with other sectors.

Complied By

Anwar Sallam (CMO)

Dr. Maya (CTQO)

Ghanem Alhasani (CAAO)

Hasnain Moochhala (CFO)

Mohamed Al Qemzi (CSSO)

Mohammed Al Zaabi (COO)

Rashed AlNeyadi (CIO)

Saeed Al Kuwaiti (GCEO)