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Your blood donation can be a world of hope to someone. SEHA's Blood Bank strictly adheres to the highest level of international standards in the management of blood and blood products, guaranteeing the utmost in patient safety.

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Blood Donation Steps

Donors' Rights & Responsibilities

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Blood Donation Steps

Complete the form

Complete the form accurately.

Register with your Emirates ID:

Register using your Emirates ID for documentation.

Undergo medical screening and examination:

You will undergo a medical screening and examination.

Receive post-donation care and instructions:

Receive necessary post-donation care and instructions.

Rest and enjoy refreshments:

Take some time to rest and enjoy refreshments after your donation.

Donors' Rights & Responsibilities

Individuals possess rights and responsibilities as blood/apheresis donors.

Can I Donate?

Ensure your eligibility to donate blood by reviewing our list of questions and learning more about blood donation-related diseases


Donating Platelets

What you need to know about donating platelets?


Post-Donation Instructions

Because we care about you


Where Can I Donate?

ADBBS - Abu Dhabi Facility

Al Khalidiyah - W9 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

ADBBS - Al Dhafra Facility

Hospital - MM2H+FF Zayed City Madinat Zayed City, Old - next to Preventive medicine - Zayed City - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

ADBBS - Al Ain Facility

Al Mu'tarid - Civic Center - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates