Recruitment Fraud Alerts

Sometimes the identity of “SEHA” or one of its healthcare facilities is used fraudulently in fake recruitment campaigns, false job offers, and fake business propositions.

“SEHA” is committed to a set of principles and values that represent the ruling framework for its contribution to sustainable development, through focusing on issues related to social responsibility and the integration of its ethics to enhance the company’s strategy in the work system and global practices. “SEHA” is committed to that framework towards all employees and community in order to achieve the following goals:

How would I know?

The fraudster poses as a representative of SEHA and/or one of its Business Entities (SEHA Facilities). They pretend that they are offering an opportunity to contract with SEHA and its facilities to provide goods or services; or that there is an investment opportunity. Often (not always) the fraud involves requesting you to pay money to them in order to win the contract or participate in the investment. SEHA will never ask for money from a third party in order for that third party to participate in its procurement process or in order to be considered for a business or investment opportunity. Applying for vacant jobs at SEHA and its health facilities is ONLY accessible through the Job Portal on the website www.seha.ae which is the official domain name registered to “SEHA” on the Internet and is also the approved domain for e-mail (for example) [email protected]

What should I do?

Use your common sense

-Do not respond to unsolicited business propositions from sources you cannot independently verify as being legitimate

-Do not provide personal or financial details to anyone you do not know or trust, or on a website you do not trust

Be alert for suspicious signs:

Poor use of language;

-Using free email accounts like yahoo.com, gmail.com, or hotmail.com. Please be aware that “SEHA” and its health facilities use a registered domain name in the e-mail system, and thus all e-mail communications are sent using e-mail addresses with the following domain @SEHA.AE.

-Requests for money to be paid in advance;

-Being contacted through personal accounts on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others. “SEHA” has its official channels on Social Media platforms that are registered for Abu Dhabi Health Services Company ( www.twitter.com/sehahealth, www.instagram.com/sehahealth, www.facebook.com/sehahealth).

-Be suspicious when dealing with anyone who does not have a direct telephone line / who never answer when you call their number, but return your call later (from a different number).

-Always independently verify the legitimacy of any business or investment opportunity before you take any decision. SEHA has an official account on LinkedIn, and all e-mail communications are sent from e-mail addresses ending in the following domain @SEHA.AE

Please notify us of any suspicious business/job offers by reporting by e-mail to AMNI

Consider if it’s appropriate to notify local law enforcement in your area if you are the victim of an attempted scam.