Sh. Tahnoon Bin Mohammed Medical City

Beds: 718

Doctors: 854

Specialities: 35

Hospital Info

STMC is a leading tertiary medical city , boasting 718 beds designed to deliver planned care more efficiently in a modern patient environment called the "Healing Oasis" concept. Our aim is to provide the highest quality healthcare possible, dedicated to excellence in everything we do, striving to be one of the Best Acute Healthcare Providers in the region. With specialized Centers of Excellence in Trauma, Orthopedics, and Rehabilitation, we offer the most effective setting with a Multidisciplinary Approach that standardizes best practices for emergency and elective surgery. As a teaching hospital and research center affiliated with the United Arab Emirates University, STMC is the preferred choice for healthcare professionals. Our state-of-the-art academic facilities drive groundbreaking research initiatives, shaping the future of healthcare.


Our facilities include a standalone Rehabilitation Centre with 131 inpatient beds, an Emergency Department with 72 beds capacity, and advanced operating rooms catering to various surgical specialties. With over 35 unique subspecialty services, including Infectious Diseases, Neurology, Cardiology, and Rehabilitation Medicine, we ensure personalized and holistic care tailored to individual needs. Experience tranquility in our expansive Indoor Healing Garden, the largest in the GCC and Northern region, designed to promote healing and well-being for patients, staff, and visitors alike. Our Rehabilitation Hospital sets new standards in comprehensive care, seamlessly integrated with our tertiary hospital to ensure a smooth transition from acute care to full recovery. Advanced rehabilitation programs utilize cutting-edge technologies to address complex medical needs.

Dr. Sultan Mohamed Alkaram

Chief Executive Officer- Al Ain Region

As CEO, Dr. Al Karam oversees the Al Ain region, which comprises 978 beds and leads a multicultural team of 3,200 healthcare providers. He supervises strategic and operational initiatives at Tawam Hospitals, Al Ain, and Al Wagan, as well as overseeing his role in leading the Sheikh Tahnoun Bin Mohammed Medical City project with all its facilities. Prior to assuming the CEO position for the Al Ain region Dr. Al Karam held several positions including Chief medical officer , Chair of the department of Medicine, Chair of Academic Affairs and Designated Institution officer (DIO) at Tawan Hospital. He spearheaded the recruitment of physicians and led pioneering programs to attract globally experienced doctors, ensuring Tawam Hospital and the region continue to provide the highest levels of care for the most complex medical cases in the city. Thanks to his distinguished educational background from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, followed by prestigious certifications in cardiology and interventional cardiology from McGill University in Canada, Dr. Al Karam has consistently demonstrated his commitment to advancing medical knowledge and patient care. He has led transformative initiatives that propelled hospitals in the Al Ain region towards new levels of efficiency and quality. Dr. Al Karam's contributions to research, education, and clinical practice have made him visionary leader in healthcare. His unwavering dedication to excellence and compassion for patients have been inspiring to all employees in the Al Ain region of SEHA.

Address: Al Baladiyah St - Al Mutarid - Al Ain