About SEHA Kidney Care

Comprehensive treatment of all kidney diseases

A part of SEHA – the UAE’s largest healthcare network – SKC is the only dedicated healthcare services provider in the Emirates that specializes in the full range of therapies for the comprehensive treatment of all forms of chronic kidney disease. The leading healthcare destination for the diagnosis of kidney disease and care for patients of all ages, SKC is an established partner for life through the entire treatment journey and actively involved in important medical research to prevent and effectively treat kidney disease.
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World-class centers

SKC provides the best possible medical services to more than 1,300 kidney patients at its three core healthcare facilities located at SEHA Kidney Care (Abu Dhabi), SEHA Kidney Care Center (Al Ain) and SEHA Kidney Care Center (Abu Dhabi Central), In addition, SKC’s network includes 10 clinics at SEHA hospitals: Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Al Rahba, Tawam, Al Ain, Al Wagan, Madinat Zayed, Ghayathi, Al Marfa, Al Sila, and Delma Island.
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170,000 treatments annually

Outpatient hemodialysis clinics are open six days a week and care for the requirements of its patients, each of whom needs to have three treatments a week, equating to about 170,000 treatments annually. About 70 patients are treated with peritoneal dialysis.

State-of-the-art, personalized care

SKC provides state-of-the-art medical procedures for kidney transplantation, dialysis and aftercare at its network of fully integrated facilities and clinics throughout Abu Dhabi. Putting its patients first, SKC prioritizes individual needs and carefully assesses patients’ medical requirements before applying a course of treatment and care delivered by highly trained staff.
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