Kidney Transplantation

When the kidneys fail, kidney transplantation is the best form of renal replacement therapy. We aim to offer transplantation to all suitable patients undergoing treatment as SKC if needed. Our team of transplant doctors, specialists and transplant staff assess every patient on a regular basis to decide on their suitability to receive a transplanted kidney.

Kidney transplantation is a surgical procedure that can take between 1.5 and 4 hours and places a healthy kidney into a patient whose own kidneys are no longer functioning properly. SEHA has carried out hundreds of kidney transplants since its inception, radically changing the lives of patients with kidney disease.

We look to offer patients a transplant operation before they need to undergo dialysis where possible or at the earliest point possible after starting dialysis. Our team offers an extensive support service to look for possible donors (from other family or extended family members) or to accept deceased donor kidneys.

A paired exchange transplant links donors and recipients in order to swap organs that may be poorly compatible with others in a similar position. This can improve the match for all pairs of donors/recipients involved in the swap. SKC’s kidney transplantation service connects people across the world to find the best match.

Most living kidney donors are found amongst a patient’s immediate family (for example a husband or wife, aunt, uncle etc) but can be up to a fourth degree relative. Under Islamic Law, it is completely permissible for a person to donate one of their two kidneys.

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