Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

There are many causes of kidney disease and dysfunction. At SEHA Kidney Care (SKC), our team of doctors and nurses are highly trained in diagnosis and treatment of all kidney problems.

SKC is the only service in the UAE specializing in the full range of kidney therapies to provide the best kidney care possible around the clock. We aim to give our patients the facts they need to allow them to make the best and most informed choices when it comes to their treatment journey.

Chronic kidney disease refers to loss of kidney function from any cause, but which can lead to a variety of life-impacting complications including high blood pressure, risk of heart and blood vessel diseases, bone problems and other problems like anemia. Most people are born with far more kidney function than we need to survive but, as we get older, we lose some kidney function but usually at a slow rate. Chronic kidney disease is seen as loss of function that exceeds the usual aging process. Unfortunately, chronic kidney disease is often ‘silent’ and rarely presents with symptoms until it is quite advanced.

Risk factors for rapidly progressive kidney decline include having:

  1. A family history of kidney disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. High blood pressure or any cardiovascular disease
  4. Being overweight
  5. Smoking

The best way to diagnose chronic kidney disease is through a kidney check, which includes a:

  1. Careful blood pressure measurement
  2. Test to look for blood or protein in the urine
  3. Blood tests to measure waste products (like creatinine and others) that may not be efficiently removed by damaged kidneys.

SKC is involved in research and medical work with colleagues in primary care focused on preventing and slowing the progression of chronic kidney disease.

At SKC we will always aim to give early treatment to preserve what kidney function we can and slow decline, in order to try to avoid the need for patients to undergo dialysis or kidney transplantation.

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