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All you need to know about kidney transplantation

What is Kidney Transplant?

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to place another  kidney into the body of a person whose kidneys no longer function. This is  from a donor who has willingly given one of their two kidneys or whose family have kindly agreed to donate a working kidney from a person who has recently died .

Where can I get more information on kidney transplant?

You may contact SKC Transplant Team on 02 819 5199 or email them on transplant@seha.ae

Will kidney transplant cure my kidney disease?

A kidney transplant can help you avoid dialysis and most people have a much better quality of life compared with dialysis. There are risks as well as benefits of kidney transplantation but there are no risk-free treatments, and transplantation offers the best option when possible.

Who can be a kidney donor?

A living kidney donation comes most often from a family member such as a parent, child, wife or husband, brother or sister. A donor can also be up to a 4th degree relative. A genetic link between donor and recipient is not essential.

A good living donor candidate is someone who is healthy, well-informed and makes a voluntary decision to donate one of their kidneys.

At what age can one be a kidney donor?

Living donors must be over 21. They should be in good general health with no evidence of diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, or severe mental disorder.

What are the requirements to start transplant evaluation?

You will require valid Identification documents, such as: Passport, Visa, Emirates ID Card and Health Care Insurance.

I have donors in my country, how will I know they are fit?

Several tests will be necessary to determine if their kidney is compatible with the intended recipient. Please contact SKC Transplant Team for more information.

Can the hospital assist me with visa to bring my donor?

Visa arrangements are the responsibility of the individual patient, but we can help with a supporting letter for a visa application.

How long does it take to complete transplant fitness tests for me?

On the day of the evaluation, you and your family will meet the members of the transplant team. The transplant fitness test may take up to 4 weeks.

How much is the cost of kidney transplant for my donor and me?

The cost of transplantation varies according to individual healthcare needs and your insurance provider. Please contact SKMC Transplant Team for more information.

What insurances are covered for kidney transplant?

Insurance companies are added regularly to improve the insurance coverage for you and your donors. For the latest information on kidney transplant coverage, please contact the transplant coordinators:

How many hours does kidney transplant surgery take?

A kidney transplant takes between  1.5  and 4 hours.

How long will I stay in the hospital after my kidney transplant surgery?

Usually 5 to 7 days. You will need to visit for follow up frequently after you leave.

Will I take transplant medication for the rest of my life?

Yes. These drugs help prevent rejection and must be taken to keep the kidney working. If you stop these even just for a short time the kidney may reject and make you sick and may not be treatable.

How many years will kidney transplant last?

A kidney from a living donor may last many years and many patient have kidneys that are working well 20-30 years later.

Can I get pregnant after transplantation?

Yes, but ideally you should wait for at least one year after your transplant and some medications may need to change to be safe for you and your baby. Talk with your nephrologist if you are planning on getting pregnant.

I am diabetic, can I do kidney and pancreas transplant at the same time?

For a few patients it is possible to transplant both kidney and pancreas at the same time. However, this will not be possible for most patients.

I suffer many illnesses. Is there a chance I may be rejected for kidney transplantation?

Yes, but you will be well assessed by the medical team to ensure we understand your problems before transplant surgery.

I do not have a donor in my family. How can I register my name on the kidney transplant list?

You may speak to your dialysis nurses to facilitate your referral to transplant program. Or, contact the SKC Transplant Team on 02 819 5199 or email them on transplant@seha.ae

Is it safe to go buy a kidney?

The declaration of Istanbul forbids buying a Kidney. The UAE has signed this declaration. Many patients that have purchased kidneys abroad have come to harm and we cannot recommend this.

Is living kidney donation better than a deceased one?

Yes. Live donor kidneys have a lower risk of rejection, and often functions immediately. A transplant can also be planned at a convenient time for both donor and recipient.

Is kidney transplantation halal?

Yes. Under Islamic law, it is permissible to donate one of the two kidneys.

For more details, please contact the official Fatwa Center of the United Arab Emirates on 8002422

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